Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back from CES and a few announcements

I am back from the CES show at Vegas and planning to give this blog some much needed love. I hope to have some tutorials up in the coming week but let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to see? I have finally figured out how to do screencasts too so plan for most of the tutorials to be in video format.

Also have my next book announcement....stay tuned.

If you are a gadget girl like me, CES will leave you positively giddy. So much technology in one place. Here are a few pics:

Here is the Intel booth being set up. We did a quick demo to show how art is influenced my music and dance and vice versa.

Intel had this Salvador Dali like tree made entirely of Ultrabooks (you can guess what I want for Christmas). The metal at the base gave it this melty quality. Very surreal. 

Intel gave away at least a dozen Ultrabooks a day. And you get a laptop....And you get a laptop.... crazy. 

I also did 30 minute and 45 minute demos on painting digitally. I am using Corel Painter and a Sensu brush on an Acer tablet computer here. The system was super fast! (all powered by Intel). I absolutely loved the feel of painting with a real brush. I tried almost every brush on the market before choosing the Sensu. (Review to come later....)

Here is the finished piece.  

I stayed at the Venetian. Tres glamorous. This floor kind of messed with my head. 

And lastly and by far most importantly....I walked by these Jimmy Choos every day. (sigh) a girl can dream.