Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Ballyhooed Books

I was so happy to finally get ABC Safari By Karen Lee in the mail today. I love ABC books but this one is really stunning! Each letter introduces a new exotic creature from the jungle in beautifully rendered (I think) watercolors. The way Karen paints is sort of like soft cubism where each animal is built up with washes of transparent color.
My favorite is of course the Vulture under V but those of you with less macabre taste may be more drawn to the cheetah that leaps off the page or the angelic looking ape cradling a flower.

My nephew's favorite restaurant is the Rainforest Cafe because of all the wild animals. Next time he asks to go there, I can avoid their very nasty food by bribing him with this book!

1 comment:

Karen Lee said...

Carlyn! You're too sweet. I'm totally floored. I'm stuttering. I'm flumoxxed (excuse me!).

Goodness! Thanks.