Wednesday, December 22, 2010

IF: Mail

This painting was inspired by my daughter who recently figured out that Santa has a mailing address. The list keeps getting longer and longer. I don't know how she is going to fit it in the mail box.


Coreopsis said...

Very nice work! I'm impressed with the results you get from Corel Painter. I have Painter 11, but I obviously haven't put nearly enough time into learning how to use it.

This is a very funny illustration!

Jen Green said...

Sounds like my baby cousins! They're not really babies anymore, but Santa is an ever benevolent and mysterious figure, with an unending supply of presents and toys. An excellent depiction of modern Christmastime. Thank you.

josh pincus is crying said...

Beautiful illustration! Great coloring!

Ursula Shaw said...

Beautiful illustration. I love Santa's expression!
Merry Christmas

Kate said...

ive been trying to scour the internet for days on tutorials for corel painter 11, and i came across your blog from a book on a guide to childrens illustrators. I was wondering what scale you use to actually draw/paint? I want my work to look if someone zoomes in on it and also zooms out and im having a tough time figuring this out. I now have my work set on 3000 x3400 on 300dpi and im just having a hard time trying to figure out the scale of how things would be...

how do you do it????? argh! help!

i absolutely love your work and my daughter and i love "who put the B in Ballyhoo" !

Bearded Lady said...

Hi Morellocherry, I paint at the size of my output - which is usually 8.5 x 11 inches at 300 dpi or higher. I am not sure what you mean by the zoom? What is your destination for your work - print or web?

btw, I have a book coming out in a year that will cover all this stuff...stay tuned!

Kate said...

Oh wow, i would be so grateful for a book like that, you have no idea,lol.

By zoom, i mean that because it's not a vector image, the lines aren't as 'clean' as others maybe(?), so i was wondering if that matters...

My work will be printed and i was concerned that if the printing size gets changed at any point, will my work look the same or blurry etc...

I think im psyching myself out a little bit though...i think it's because it's my first time working with painter and there are sooo many options and features and it's a bit overwhelming! I've given myself a break for today, lol

Btw, thank you SO much for answering my question, and so fast! :)

i also read what i wrote back and i was unclear and missed words out! I blame my headache! I meant i want it to look good even if someone makes the image bigger or if it's cropped.

Bearded Lady said...

What brush are you using? Some brushes have more of an airbrush look to them so they look more smudged.

I always try to find out the print size before I begin to paint. This is kind of important. If you make something at say 4 x6 print size and it is being using at 8.5 x 11 then you will lose some quality once you resize it.

BIGGER is always better. :) You won't lose as much quality if you make it smaller but going from small to big is iffy.

oh and don't forget to run a smart sharpen filter at the end if that is the look you want.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Benjamin Jones said...