Monday, July 30, 2012

IF: Lonely Girl Tutorial

For anyone who didn't get enough flower patterns in the last week's Digital Painting webinar. Here is a quick written tutorial on how to make a couple of flower brushes.

Fig 1
To follow along, download the flowers file:

Step 1
Draw your pattern. A few things to keep in mind.

  1. Use a 300 dpi file. 
  2. You must draw from left to right. Pulling out a ruler guide can help. Just click on the left hand side of your ruler to drag one out.
  3. You must put your pattern on its own layer so that it has transparency in the background. To create a new layer select Layers/New Layer. Do not draw on the Canvas layer.
  4. You can only use one layer. You can create your illustration on multiple layers, but when you are ready to turn it into a pattern, you must collapse the layers. (Shift click on all the layers and then select Layers/Collapse Layers)
Step 2
Make a selection around your pattern with the Rectangular Selection Tool. Remember that everything you select will be part of that pattern (even the blank space). I like to select some extra space from top to bottom to avoid feathering. (Fig 2)

Step 3
Hit the Capture Pattern button (Fig 3A) in the Pattern Libraries Panel. (Window/Media Library Panels/Patterns)
Fig 3
You will now be asked to name your pattern. Keep the Horizontal and Vertical Shift at 0.

Step 4.
Your new pattern will now appear in your Pattern Libraries Panel. To use this pattern as a brush, select that Pattern Pens Masked brush from the Pattern Pens Brush Category. Paint away with your new brush. Your flowers will now follow the direction of your pen. 

Enjoy! I am sure to have more flower tutorials later...


Lisa M Griffin said...

Great share. The webinar was very informative and convinced me to pick up your Digital Painting book. I appreciate all your tips on backgrounds, textures and patterns, as this is something I would like to add to my digital techniques.

Susan Miller said...

I love your work especially the patterns, you motivated me to learn corel painter, the webinar was terrific and I am glad that I could see it on youtube since I was an hour late to it when you first broadcasted it. I also ordered your book, so thanks. Sue

Igloo said...

So, so beautiful...

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