Friday, December 12, 2008

A special Thanks to the KidzBookBuzz Blog Tour

I am a little late posting this, but a special thanks to everyone who participated in the KidzBookBuzz Blog tour for the release of my new book, The Raucous Royals. I especially enjoyed the fact that I found so many amazing blogs in the process.

Thank you to:
  1. The 160 Acre Woods

  2. All About Children’s Books

  3. Becky’s Book Reviews

  4. Cafe of Dreams

  5. Dolce Bellezza

  6. Fireside Musings

  7. The Friendly Book Nook

  8. Homeschool Buzz

  9. Hyperbole


  11. Maw Books Blog

  12. Never Jam Today

  13. Quiverfull Family

  14. Reading is my Superpower

  15. Small World Reads

  16. SMS Book Reviews

I am going to post a link to some of the interviews over at The Raucous Royals Blog as soon as I get a chance.


Kathy said...

Well I have not been here in awhile and apparently I have missed a great deal. The virtual book tour looks like it was fantastic and I have to check those links out. I hope you are doing well Carlyn! I just gave you the Kreative Blogger award - it is also a meme but a super easy no-presh one -- it's on my blog if you'd like to take part. It's always a treat to see what you are up to, looks like there is a new Painter tutorial!

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Anonymous said...

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